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NO.1 The numbers of sweat shirts and T-shirts sold at a street stand during the first six months of the year
are shown in the graph at the left.
During which month were the numbers of sweat shirts and T-shirts sold the same?
A. February
B. May
C. March
D. June
E. April
Answer: C

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NO.2 Which of the following functions represents the depth of water (d) in the tank in terms of the number
of hours (t) after the refilling began?
A. d = 0.50t + 4
B. d = 2t
C. d = 0.50t + 2
D. d = 2t + 4
E. d = 0.50t
Answer: A

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NO.3 Lamar and Angela each bought sofas that cost $399.00 each, including tax. Angela paid cash,
but Lamar paid 10% of the cost and made 12 monthly payments of $36.00 each.
How much MORE did Lamar pay than Angela?
A. $ 33.00
B. $ 471.90
C. $ 432.00
D. $ 72.90
E. $ 39.90
Answer: D

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NO.4 An octagonal lamp has 8 square glass sides.The total area of the glass used for the lamp is given
by the formula g = 8x2, where g is the area of the glass and x is the length of one side of the squares.
If the squares have sides whose length is 6 inches, what is the total area (in square inches) of the
glass used to make the lamp?
A. 48
B. 288
C. 96
D. 8
E. 2340
Answer: B

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