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NO.1 You have a component "A" that has a dialog and four JSP scripts: main.jsp, script1.jsp,
script2.jsp and script3.jsp. The script main.jsp includes the other three scripts. Now you implement
component "B", which is very similar to component "A", but with a different script2.jsp script.
Component "B" declares "A" as its resourceSuperType. What is the best way to implement script2.jsp
for Component "B"?
A. Copy all the dialog nodes from "A" to the component folder "B" and write script2.jsp
B. Write script2.jsp and copy main.jsp, which includes script2.jsp, from component "A" to "B".
C. Only write a new script2.jsp.
D. Since the dialog will be inherited, copy only all the jsp files from component "A" to "B" and write a
new script2.jsp.
Answer: C

NO.2 You created a site /project/en and want to add language sites /de and /fr.
What is the best practice to create the additional language sites?
A. Use the Language Copy tool.
B. Create and download a CQ package containing the /en site. Open the zip file and rename the /en
folder to /fr or /de, then reinstall the package.
C. Create a workflow with a custom process step that creates the according language pages
whenever you create a new /en page.
D. Use the WCM console to copy and paste from /en.
Answer: A

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NO.3 When does CQ automatically create a version in a default CQ installation (author and publish
A. When content in an author instance is activated to a publish instance
B. After building a package that includes modified and saved content in author instance
C. After saving changes to a template configuration or after saving code changes of a component
D. When content in an author instance is modified and saved
Answer: A

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NO.4 How do you create a design dialog for a CQ component?
A. Create the same component path structure under the design page and create the dialog there.
B. Create a node under the component's dialog node and set the xtype property to designDialog.
C. Create a dialog in the component folder and name it design_dialog.
D. Create a dialog in the component folder and set the dialog's xtype property to designDialog.
Answer: C

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試験科目:「Adobe Reports and Analytics ACE」

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