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NO.1 Which three statements are true concerning the multitenant architecture?
A. Each pluggable database (PDB) has its own set of background processes.
B. Log switches occur only at the multitenant container database (CDB) level.
C. PDBs can share the sysaux tablespace.
D. Instance recovery is always performed at the CDB level.
E. PDBs share a common system tablespace.
F. Different PDBs can have different default block sizes.
G. A PDB can have a private temp tablespace.
Answer: B,D,G

1z1-062 ソフトウエア   
* A PDB would have its SYSTEM, SYSAUX, TEMP tablespaces. It can also contains other user created
tablespaces in it.
* There is one default temporary tablespace for the entire CDB. However, you can create additional
tablespaces in individual PDBs.
* There is a single redo log and a single control file for an entire CDB
* A log switch is the point at which the database stops writing to one redo log file and begins writing
to another.
Normally, a log switch occurs when the current redo log file is completely filled and writing must
continue to the next
redo log file.
G: instance recovery
The automatic application of redo log records to uncommitted data blocks when an database
instance is restarted
after a failure.
Not A:
* There is one set of background processes shared by the root and all PDBs. -
* High consolidation density. The many pluggable databases in a single container database share its
memory and
background processes, letting you operate many more pluggable databases on a particular platform
than you can
single databases that use the old architecture.
Not C: There is a separate SYSAUX tablespace for the root and for each PDB.
Not F: There is a separate SYSTEM tablespace for the root and for each PDB. -

NO.2 Which two statements are true about Oracle Data Pump export and import operations?
A. The master table is the last object to be exported by the data pump.
B. You can detach from a data pump export job and reattach later.
C. You can detach from a data pump import job and reattach later.
D. Data pump import requires the import file to be in a directory owned by the oracle owner.
E. Data pump uses parallel execution server processes to implement parallel import.
Answer: A,B,E

1z1-062 合格率   1z1-062 教本   
B: Data Pump can employ multiple worker processes, running in parallel, to increase job
D: For export jobs, the master table records the location of database objects within a dump file set. /
Export builds and
maintains the master table for the duration of the job. At the end of an export job, the content of the
master table is
written to a file in the dump file set.
/ For import jobs, the master table is loaded from the dump file set and is used to control the
sequence of operations
for locating objects that need to be imported into the target database.

NO.3 You enabled an audit policy by issuing the following statements:
For which database users and for which executions is the audit policy now active? Select two.
A. Only for successful executions
B. Both successful and failed executions
E. Only for failed executions
Answer: B,D

1z1-062 最新版   
* The ORA_DATABASE_PARAMETER policy audits commonly used Oracle Database parameter
settings. By default, this
policy is not enabled.

NO.4 Which two statements are true concerning the Resource Manager plans for individual
pluggable databases (PDB
plans) in a multitenant container database (CDB)?
A. If a PDB plan is enabled for a pluggable database, then resources are allocated to consumer groups
across all PDBs
in the CDB.
B. If no PDB plan is enabled for a pluggable database, then the PDB share in the CDB plan is
dynamically calculated.
C. In a PDB plan, subplans may be used with up to eight consumer groups.
D. If a PDB plan is enabled for a pluggable database, then resources are allocated to consumer groups
based on the
shares provided to the PDB in the CDB plan and the shares provided to the consumer groups in the
PDB plan.
E. If no PDB plan is enabled for a pluggable database, then all sessions for that PDB are treated to an
equal degree of
the resource share of that PDB.
Answer: D,E

1z1-062 解説集   
A: Setting a PDB resource plan is optional. If not specified, all sessions within the PDB are treated
In a non-CDB database, workloads within a database are managed with resource plans.
In a PDB, workloads are also managed with resource plans, also called PDB resource plans.
The functionality is similar except for the following differences:
/ Non-CDB Database
Multi-level resource plans
Up to 32 consumer groups
/ PDB Database
Single-level resource plans only
Up to 8 consumer groups
(not B) No subplans

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Oracleの1z1-062 試験対策書は大変です。あなたは復習資料に悩んでいるかもしれません。我々JapanCertの提供するOracleの1z1-062 試験対策書を利用して自分の圧力を減少しましょう。我々のチームは複雑な問題集を整理するに通じて、毎年の試験の問題を分析して最高のOracleの1z1-062 試験対策書を作成します。今まで、我々は更新を努力しています。ご購入した後の一年間で、Oracle1z1-062 試験対策書が更新されたら、あなたを理解させます。

お客様は1z1-062 試験対策書を購入した前に、我々のウェブサイトで1z1-062 試験対策書のサンプルを無料でダウンロードして自分の要求と一致するかどうか確認することができます。先行販売サービスは言うまでもなく、JapanCertのアフターサービスはお客様の販売者への評価の基準だと思います。お客様の利益を保証するために、完全的なアフターサービスは必要となります。我々の提供する1z1-062 試験対策書のアフターサービスは一年の無料更新と半年以内の失敗返金ということです。

1z1-062試験番号:1z1-062 対策学習
試験科目:「Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration」

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